Emily Dolan Davies: Remote Recording is Really a Great Thing

emily_dolan_daviesSKF NOTE: Finding new ways to create music, to work with and learn from other musicians, and to earn a living through music — these are timeless traits of successful musicians and music industry pros. They love to experiment.

Take Emily Dolan Davies for example. When a Twitter update showed me Emily Dolan Davies “liked” my recent post about Willie Nelson’s drummer, Paul English — I wanted to write Emily a thank you. Jumping to her Twitter page for a way to contact Ms. Davies, I was intrigued by her “online drum recordings” business, and said so in my reply.

This morning, Emily’s answer arrived. Here, in part, is what she tells me about online drum recordings:

Yea the remote recording is a really great thing that I’m having so much fun with! The way it works is, anyone in the world that needs drums recorded on their track can email me over their song, I go away, record the drums in my studio and send back the stems or a stereo mix down for them to use. It’s been so fascinating and wonderful having conversations (verbal and musical) with people from all over the globe (Australia, South Africa, Sweden, America). I’ve been having a blast!

Gotta love it! Check out Emily’s web site for complete info on what she’s doing. I’m looking forward to seeing — and hearing — what happens next.


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