Tony Williams Blue Note Reissues Fill in My Library Gaps

Every so often I look online to see if I can remove any albums on my When-Are-They-Going-To-Release-This-On-MP3? list. This week, I am happy to report I removed two Tony Williams Blue Note albums: Tokyo Live, and The Story of Neptune.

Paul T. Riddle gave me his Tokyo Live CD when it was first released in 1993. But Tokyo Live was unavailable very soon and for a long time. I mailed back Paul T.’s CD to cure his Tokyo Live withdrawal symptoms.

The Story of Neptune, released before Tokyo Live, is all new to me.

I long stopped writing album reviews (i.e. I like this, I don’t like that.) Listeners will make up their own minds. (See music samples below). I will say I find it interesting that with this band, Tony’s arrangements and drumming remind me very much of Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers.


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