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SKF Correction on Barry Keane

SKF CORRECTION 12/18/2015: There is good news and bad news. The good news is, this week I had an email and then a phone call from Barry Keane. It was great to reconnect. Just like old times. The bad news … Continue reading

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Miles Davis and the Street Drummer

SKF NOTE: This is a great snapshot of Miles Davis by his former road manager, Chris Murphy. It’s from Mr. Murphy’s book, Miles to Go: The Lost Years. An Intimate Memoir of Life on the Road with Miles Davis 1973-1983. … Continue reading

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Neil Peart on Max Roach’s M’BOOM

SKF NOTE: This is the last of my Trading Fours exchanges with Neil Peart. My friend and music writer par excellence, Chip Stern, had a very good, albeit short-lived, idea for a drummer’s magazine. I did some writing for Chip’s … Continue reading

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Art Blakey’s Paiste Profile 1975

SKF NOTE: Art Blakey’s Profile from Paiste‘s 1975 Profiles of International Drummers, Percussionists, Musicians #2.

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Talking Drums with Buddy Rich in Dreamland

SKF NOTE: Last night I dreamed I was sitting on a stool, in someone’s apartment, practicing with a pair of wire brushes on the bottom of a blue-and-while Apple clam shell iMac. At first, playing on the hard plastic, confined … Continue reading

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