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Chip Stern – I Was Blessed to Call Ginger Baker My Friend

SKF NOTE: Chip Stern‘s emails are always a treat and always a worthwhile learning experience. I encourage you to read Chip’s reflections on his friend, Ginger Baker. Homeward Bound: Reflections on a Musical Legacy01-01-2020 | By Chip Stern | Issue … Continue reading

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Why Does Baby Dodds Matter?

SKF NOTE: Why does Baby Dodds matter? It’s year 2019. What can today’s drummers learn from a drummer born in 1898 who died 60 years ago? Well, I am always interested in discovering drumming roots. Gene Krupa was the first … Continue reading

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Bernard Purdie: ‘Purdie Shuffle’ Solo Drums (1990)

SKF NOTE: Bernard Purdie’s 1990 solo drum performance is from a larger drum project in which Chip Stern asked me to take part. The general idea was having a percussion magazine and a companion audiocassette. The project never went public. … Continue reading

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Ginger Baker’s ‘Africa’ Drum Solo (1990)

SKF NOTE: This Ginger Baker drum solo, Africa, as far as I know, has never been released. Chip Stern sent it to me as part of a cassette for a drum project on which we, and others, were working. The … Continue reading

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Papa Jo Jones: We Played Who We Were at the Time

SKF NOTE: Chip Stern‘s 1984 Modern Drummer feature interview with Papa Jo Jones is still, in my opinion, the definitive piece on the great drummer. “It could only happen once,” Papa Jo says, telling drummers born after Papa Jo’s heyday, … Continue reading

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