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It Was Your Passion for Drums

SKF NOTE: Briefly, many years ago, I gave individual private home drum lessons to a handful of students. Using Facebook Messenger as a portal, one of those students, Shari, recently sent me an unexpected, touching message. I remember Shari. Over … Continue reading

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Odie Payne, Jr. – I Like Melody

SKF NOTE: In the early 1980’s, when I set out to write what became a five-part feature series for Modern Drummer called, The History of Rock Drumming, I thought it would be mostly a cut-and-paste project. That is, I thought … Continue reading

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Newly Released Brilliant Morello 1967

SKF NOTE: Released today, April 15, I bought The Dave Brubeck Trio – Live from Vienna 1967, and listened to the first three tracks. Brilliant playing. Alto saxophonist Paul Desmond was absent from this live date. What a difference his … Continue reading

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Drumming Misses and Stumbles

SKF NOTE: Driving, listening, minutes ago to a live trio album. The musicians, all famous jazz musicians, shall remain nameless. The 1968 performance includes one of my very favorite drummers. But, as often happens, there are moments on this album … Continue reading

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Keep Time in Your Heart, Head

SKF NOTE: Driving about an hour ago, listening for the first time to Charles Mingus’s Jazz in Detroit – Strata Concert Gallery – 46 Selden album. This is a live album. Mingus’s band is Roy Brooks (drums), John Stubblefield (tenor … Continue reading

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