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1980s Drummers Steve Felix and Derek Blevins

SKF NOTE: Here are two more drummer photos I’m putting in the public square. Derek Blevins with Jon Butcher Axis is on the left in that band’s photo. I confess I’ve never heard much of the JBA. The Bus Boys’ … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke – When Technique Becomes Meaningless

SKF NOTE: A Q&A between drummers Art Taylor and Kenny Clarke. Art Taylor: How important do you feel technique is for playing the drums? Kenny Clarke: I think any musician needs just enough technique to express himself; I don’t think … Continue reading

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Mick Avory – Give The People What They Want (1982)

SKF NOTE: As a kid, I always loved The Kinks’s music. Their rockers as well as their ballads. And I owned several Kinks albums, from their first LP to either Arthur or Muswell Hillbillies. Then my limited funds were spent … Continue reading

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Drummer Derek Hess – Rossington-Collins PR Photo Circa 1980

SKF NOTE: Scanning from my stack of old publicity photos, pictures of drummers. I will add these photos as often as I can. Also, if I get more background info on any of these photos I will add that info … Continue reading

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Dizzy Gillespie – We're All Supposed to Inspire Each Other

SKF NOTE: Drummer Art Taylor’s Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews, which I bought when first published in 1977, remains an interesting read and source book. As time goes by, whenever I open “Notes and Tones,” I find something new, interesting, … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich: ‘Just in Time – The Final Recording’

SKF NOTE: Previously unreleased Buddy Rich? Always welcome. “My dad chose setlists for the two nights that I hadn’t heard before. He…shied away from the tried and true and went to places musically that were very different. [T]hankfully, his last … Continue reading

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Freddie Gruber – A Great Teacher Shares Some Life

A great teacher shares some life Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • November 22, 2019 Freddie Gruber was a great drum teacher. If you have a great teacher in your life, no matter the subject taught, then … Continue reading

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