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George Benson on Motown’s Jazz Musicians

SKF NOTE: A music history lesson from guitarist/singer George Benson. He’s absolutely correct about Motown’s now famous studio jazz musicians. I was surprised at first to learn how many rock musicians of the 40s and 50s were either jazz musicians, … Continue reading

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Charlie Watts: No Difference in Jazz and Rock Rhythm Sections

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is from my interview with Charlie Watts. It took place in Charlie’s New York City hotel room in 1982 or 1983. The Rolling Stones were on tour in America. Tina Turner was their opening act. [SKF … Continue reading

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Brookmeyer: Jazz is One Human Being Talking to Others

Bob Brookmeyer: “What you are producing should be a human sound. The metal instrument is just a thing you use. Jazz is a personal expression. A jazzman should be saying what he feels. He’s one human being talking to others, … Continue reading

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