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Neil Peart – My Writing Apprenticeship

SKF NOTE: Neil Peart is perhaps as respected as writer — lyrics and books — as much as he is respected as a drummer. Six or seven years ago, while packing all my “things” to move out of the house … Continue reading

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Neil Peart: A Musician is a Guy Who Gets Up in the Morning and Goes to Work

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story for this interview excerpt. I remember the room Neil, Claudia Fish, and I were in for this interview. But I can’t connect it to a place (New York City?) or to the published interview. … Continue reading

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Neil Peart – Lyricists & Drummers: A Lot in Common (198?)

SKF NOTE: Once I identify the year of this interview I will let you know. As I’ve written before, digitizing my old analog drum tapes teaches me many lessons in hindsight, one of which is: Label all interview cassettes carefully … Continue reading

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Revisiting My Life in Music: The Rise of Writing Influences

SKF NOTE: I’ve written about some of my key musical influences. But what about my writing influences? When did that start? I am surprised I cannot pinpoint a specific moment when I fell in love with writing. My parents were … Continue reading

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Why I Never Collected Famous People’s Autographs

As a freelance writer, and as Managing Editor of Modern Drummer magazine, every interview was an opportunity to ask a famous musician or music personality for his or her autograph. I didn’t do that because I felt that asking for … Continue reading

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