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Drummer Shortcomings Lead to Innovations

SKF NOTE: Sometimes innovations in drumming – stylistic and/or equipment changes that become standard – begin as one drummer’s, or a few drummers’, workaround to a shortcoming. Discovering the root of such innovations is a favorite part of studying drumming/music … Continue reading

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Anniversary of Gary Chester’s Passing – August 17

SKF NOTE: From the Gary Chester the Drummer Facebook page. Gary was a wonderful guy and, without a doubt, an innovative drummer. Check out Gary’s Facebook page if you have not already done so. Here’s the back story on my … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Gary Chester Memorabilia

SKF NOTE: Here’s a recent SOS from Katrina Chester and Tony Cruz. They are working on a Gary Chester documentary. In this video they are asking all of us to consider letting Katrina and Tony have access to any Gary … Continue reading

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Who is Gary Chester?

SKF NOTE: This piece was published first in the Piscataquis Observer weekly newspaper on October 29, 2018 as Who is Gary Chester? Gary Chester, starting in the 1960s, was a top New York studio drummer. One of a special breed … Continue reading

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Name the Drummer, Solve a Mystery

SKF NOTE: Thanks in advance to the person who solves this mystery. A member of drummer Gary Chester’s Facebook page would like to identify the drummer in these photos. My best guess: Irv Cottler. As of this writing we don’t … Continue reading

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