Bass Drums – Gary Chester Asks, Neil Peart Answers

SKF NOTE: For years now I’ve had on a hard drive a digitized version of one of my Neil Peart interviews. The sound volume of the initial tape transfer was very low. Consequently I’ve never been able to use it.

On a related topic: I sent Gary’s daughter, Kat, an email on June 29 of this year. I remembered my last meeting with her dad, Gary Chester, and I wrote her about it. “The last time I saw Gary we were in Suffern, NY. He asked me to ask Neil Peart if Neil played heels down or toes down,” I said.

Kat replied the next day. “That’s funny. And did you? A student posted on FB he was in his lesson once and neil called and this student said he heard dad and neil talking. I wasn’t aware they knew each other. We’re you?”

“Yes, I did ask Neil,” I wrote back to Kat, same day. “He [Neil] said he plays toes down, to which your dad said, ‘I knew it.’ No, I didn’t know if Gary and Neil knew each other. It’s possible, at Gary’s request, I gave Neil Gary’s phone number. Or Neil may have gotten the number elsewhere. But that’s just my educated guess.”

Back to my low volume digitized Neil interview. I came across it yesterday while transferring photos to an external hard drive from my laptop. On a whim I opened the Side B wav file using WavePad Masters Edition audio app. Low and behold! I was able to amplify the sound and remove some its background noise.

I placed my cursor on a section of the interview and, no kidding, it was Neil answering what sounded like Gary Chester’s bass drum questions. I scrolled back a bit and found me actually asking Gary’s question. Enjoy!

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