Study Gary Chester with ‘New Breed Approved’ Original Chester Student

SKF NOTE: This is a unique, fascinating idea I spotted yesterday on theGary Chester the Drummer” Facebook page. The post below is edited from the original.

Gary’s daughter, Katrina, is offering to pair drummers who want to study her father’s classic drum method book, “The New Breed,” with “New Breed Approved” Gary Chester students as teachers.

You can read this full post and contact Katrina through her Facebook page


Consultancy with Katrina Chester

Pairing serious drummers to learn “The New Breed” with NB Approved original Gary Chester students as your teacher.

I write this with a deep sense of gratitude to Katrina Chester for her steadfast determination to honor and promote the work of her late father Gary Chester. Mr. Chester was first and foremost a masterful drummer. As a studio musician he played on many of the many of the most popular recordings of the 1960’s and 70’s (A jaw dropping discography is presented in his masterpiece book The New Breed.)

When back problems forced his retirement from the studio, he opened a teaching practice and, over several years, developed “systems”, which were to appear in his classic book “The New Breed.

Many top drummers of the day sought him out for lessons. I bought a copy of the “New Breed” and began working with it. I achieved only limited results because I failed to follow all the detailed instructions Gary laid out in the book.

That all changed when I…came across a video of one of Mr. Chester’s top former students discussing the benefits of studying the method. I noticed…several videos posted featuring other top former students.

I watched them all…. [T]here was a link to contact Mr. Chester’s daughter Katrina to be connected to one of them for lessons.

So, I reached out to Katrina via the email link and filled out a questionnaire. Katrina…matched my interests and abilities to a “New Breed” teacher. A real game changer for me, [with] benefits that…far exceeded my expectations.

[A]ny drummer… motivated to study “The New Breed” will benefit immensely from the help of a qualified teacher. Who better to arrange it than the passionate, well-connected daughter of the master himself, Katrina Chester?

Dann Sherrill, Nashville, TN

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