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Carmine Appice Keeps Hangin’ On

SKF NOTE: When I was 17-years old our garage band, Potter’s Field, covered Vanilla Fudge’s version of,¬†You Keep Me Hangin’ On. That’s my first memory of Carmine Appice. Ten years later, I met Carmine at a Long Island Drum Center … Continue reading

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Carmine Appice, Peter Criss Remember Gene Krupa at Criss Farewell

SKF NOTE: Carmine Appice said through his Twitter account (June 17), “I went to Peter Criss’s. Last gig ever tonight…. He had a big band [and] even played Sing, Sing, Sing, a Gene Krupa song. His idol and mine.” Carmine’s … Continue reading

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Carmine Appice Syndrum Ad: One Moment in Time (1978)

SKF NOTE: Michael Shrieve was, I believe, the first drummer I heard playing Syndrums. This Carmine Appice ad photo from 1978 is a good example of one moment in time during the ongoing progression of the drumset, drum accessories, and … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Mel Lewis Interview 1978

SKF NOTE: In this¬†earlier post I wrote of how pivotal a moment was my meeting and interviewing Mel Lewis. This interview was notable for another reason. It was published in the April 1978 Modern Drummer along with my Carmine Appice … Continue reading

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Carmine Appice ‘Taught’ John Bonham to Play Drums?

SKF NOTE: Okay. It’s none of my business. Still, I cringed when I read what Carmine Appice’s book publisher wrote about Carmine and John Bonham. Fair enough to say Bonham was influenced by Carmine, but… CARMINE APPICE’s Memoir, ‘Stick It!: … Continue reading

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