Carmine Appice, Peter Criss Remember Gene Krupa at Criss Farewell


Newsday, October 17, 1973

SKF NOTE: Carmine Appice said through his Twitter account (June 17), “I went to Peter Criss’s. Last gig ever tonight…. He had a big band [and] even played Sing, Sing, Sing, a Gene Krupa song. His idol and mine.”

Carmine’s first album, with Vanilla Fudge, was in 1967. Almost a decade later, in 1974, Peter Criss made his debut on Kiss’s first album. Both drummers still citing, in 2017, their idol, Gene Krupa, who really hit the public eye with Benny Goodman’s Orchestra in 1938.

Drumming’s heritage and tradition continues hanging on. Sometimes I wonder how best to keep that heritage and tradition alive for the future.

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