Remo Belli Taught Me to Listen


SKF NOTE: A brief reminder of an important skill. I’m not surprised Remo Belli was “the best listener.” Think of all the feedback Mr. Belli must have considered, solicited and unsolicited, while perfecting his plastic drum heads.
9 Questions With Chris Hart, Drummer Psychologist
September 27, 2018

Q …Remo Belli…helped put you where you are now. What did you learn from him?

A. The best thing I learned from Remo was to listen. I wish he was here so I could thank him for that. Remo was the best listener I ever met in my whole life. He let you talk. What I learned from Remo was to listen without interrupting. He listened. He didn’t agree all the time. He let you talk. He would repeat what you said. I took that and ran with it.

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