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Shelly Manne: Musicians Have a Great Life

SKF NOTE: I came across Shelly Manne’s obituary a few days ago. His playing had a major impact on me — and I still get excited discovering Manne albums I missed, and Manne albums newly reissued, or available for the … Continue reading

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Keith Copeland: Approaching Trios to Symphony Orchestras

SKF NOTE: You don’t see many wordy posts on Life Beyond the Cymbals. Now and then I find an interview excerpt where a musician covers a topic beautifully, with an answer a bit longer than usual. But it would be … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich: A Great Psychologist Who Knew How to Inspire People

SKF NOTE: One more reflection on Buddy Rich from a musician who knew and worked with Buddy. Thank you, Charles Owens. Buddy Rich: “I was mystified by Buddy’s drum technique. He could play a 9-stroke roll on his snare drum … Continue reading

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Miles Davis: You Have to Get Your Own Sound

SKF NOTE: This advice to upcoming musicians from Miles Davis strikes me as a lifelong pursuit. I remember Miles himself telling an interviewer how he, Miles, lost his well-known sound for awhile, and it took Miles two years to get … Continue reading

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Recording Studios: The Feeling of Ensemble Doesn’t Exist

SKF NOTE: My introduction to percussionist Mark Stevens was as a percussionist on the 1969 album, Spirit Of 1976 / Live At Donte’s, by percussionist Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band. Later I discovered an earlier album by that … Continue reading

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Tony Williams: Drumsets Should Sound Like One Instrument (1983)

SKF NOTE: In a sidebar to this interview, Tony Williams said he was playing Gretsch drums: 24″ bass drum; 5 1/2 x 14 snare; 14 x 14, 14 x 16, floor toms; 9 x 13 and 10 x 14 rack … Continue reading

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Phil Ehart: Drum Muffling Live and Studio (1982)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is one of several messages I rediscovered this week on an unmarked audiocassette that was probably made in 1982. While working at Modern Drummer it was often easier to interview people if I taped our conversation. … Continue reading

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