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Charlie Watts: No Difference in Jazz and Rock Rhythm Sections

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is from my interview with Charlie Watts. It took place in Charlie’s New York City hotel room in 1982 or 1983. The Rolling Stones were on tour in America. Tina Turner was their opening act. [SKF … Continue reading

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David Dix Drum Setup for The Outlaws’ ‘Ghost Riders’ Album

SKF NOTE: David Dix is teaching drums at A.J. Percussion in Tampa, Florida. On November 16, 1981, David was on the road with The Outlaws having recently released the band’s sixth album, Ghost Riders. Our mutual friend, drummer Paul T. … Continue reading

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Roach: Our Classrooms Were Speakeasies, Joints, Clubs

Arts & Entertainment Music Howard Reich A bold concert series digs deeply into Max Roach’s art “You have to remember that our classrooms were the speakeasies and joints and clubs, there was no formal instruction,” he told me in 1991, … Continue reading

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Did That Song Intro Trick You? Trick It Back!

SKF NOTE: In a recent post about Led Zeppelin’s song Black Dog, drummers on commented on other songs with notable trick starts. “I always loved how Misty Mountain Hop starts off. I still hear the main riff one way, but … Continue reading

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Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin is Not Heavy Metal

SKF NOTE: Well that settles that. J.D. Considine: You’re undoubtedly aware that Led Zeppelin is seen by many as the godparents of heavy metal — do you think that what you do, or did then, could accurately be called “heavy … Continue reading

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