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Simon Kirke – Double Drumming with John Bonham

SKF NOTE: In this second interview excerpt with Simon Kirke, recorded on August 3, 1983, I ask Mr. Kirke if he and John Bonham ever compared notes about drumming and/or drum recording. Kirke was playing drums in a new band, … Continue reading

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Jason Bonham: The Making of Jimmy Page’s ‘Outrider’ Album (1988)

SKF NOTE: Jason Bonham was kind enough to say yes to an interview back in 1988, published in Drums & Drumming magazine. Much of our interview was never published because of the magazine’s space constraints. But I think Jason’s recollections … Continue reading

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Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin is Not Heavy Metal

SKF NOTE: Well that settles that. J.D. Considine: You’re undoubtedly aware that Led Zeppelin is seen by many as the godparents of heavy metal — do you think that what you do, or did then, could accurately be called “heavy … Continue reading

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Karen Carpenter Award Upsets John Bonham

SKF NOTE: Flipping through this 35-year old magazine yesterday, I stopped to read something in a news article I had underscored in red ink said by John Bonham. It had me laughing, so I decided to share it. “I’d like … Continue reading

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Jason Bonham: First Experience with Led Zeppelin Live was Frightening

SKF NOTE: This is an excerpt from my 1988 interview with Jason Bonham. The first excerpt and background story are posted here.  Putting some perspective on this post, Jason Bonham was 10- or 11-years old in 1977. Scott K Fish: … Continue reading

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