What About ‘New-To-Me’ Drummers?

SKF NOTE: I don’t often write about them, but drummers owe a lot to players we might refer to as “one hit wonders.”

Think of Ronnie Wilson, the Surfaris’ drummer who gave the world the classic drum hit, “Wipe Out.” When I was a kid, and for many years after, the ability to play “Wipe Out” was the standard by which drummers were measured. A drummer who could play Ronnie Wilson’s “Wipe Out” solo was “a good drummer.”

Neither have I written very much about “new-to-me” drummers. Much of my enjoyment studying and writing about drumming is through discovering “new-to-me” drummers. Hearing unfamiliar drummers for the first time is often rewarding, and a great way to expand my knowledge about drummers and drumming.

Unfamiliar drummers grace our ears often. Some aspect of their drumming surprises us – their infectious beat, beautiful sounding drums, a surprising fill – and it leaves a lasting impression.

Time and again such drummers pass quickly through our lives. So quickly we rarely get their names. Consequently, I rarely write about such drummers.

That’s my mistake.

Right now I have a number of “new-to-me” drummers to write about in the days ahead. Up-the-road I will do better at identifying, researching, and writing about “new-to-me” drummers I come across.

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