NRBQ Founder – Frankie Dunlop My Fav Monk Drummer

SKF NOTE: I came across this newspaper report yesterday. It contains a nice tip of the hat from NRBQ leader Terry Adams to the great drummer Frankie Dunlop. As far as I know, the only Frankie Dunlop feature interview in existence is available on this blog. The seven part interview begins here.

NRBQ’s Adams remembers Monk, Ludlow Garage, Crosley Field
Chris Varias Enquirer contributor
September 14, 2016

Terry Adams, founding member of the half-century-old bar-band institution NRBQ, is an otherworldly piano pumper. He can rock like Jerry Lee Lewis, and he can funk like Monk.

The Adams-Thelonious Monk comparisons have been made time and again. Adams doesn’t shy away from them. Last year he released “Talk Thelonious,” an album of compositions by the late jazz giant, and no live NRBQ show is complete without Adams banging out a Monk phrase or two.

It turns out that the first time Adams attended a Monk performance was here in Cincinnati. Adams, a Louisville native, can recall that show, as well as early NRBQ performances at the original Ludlow Garage.

Terry Adams: I used to come up to the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival….

Q: Do you remember who played that year?

Adams: Well, I do. Thelonious Monk was the reason I went. Roland Kirk was there. Milt Jackson, I remember. That was ’63.

Q: Do you remember Monk’s performance?

Adams: Yeah. It was one of the best musical performances I’ve ever seen. It certainly was. He had Frankie Dunlop on drums. He was my favorite drummer he ever had.

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Frankie Dunlop with Monk Quartet on T.V.

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