It Was Your Passion for Drums

SKF NOTE: Briefly, many years ago, I gave individual private home drum lessons to a handful of students.

Using Facebook Messenger as a portal, one of those students, Shari, recently sent me an unexpected, touching message.

I remember Shari. Over the years I’ve thought of her many times. She was a quick study and an enthusiastic kid.

Shari’s note reminds me of a good life lesson. Throughout our lives, we make an impression on some of the people with whom we spend time. Chances are we don’t know at the time what type of impression we’re making. If we’re lucky, we’ll find out at some point that we made a positive impression.

Here’s Shari’s note. I’ve left out some of her identifiers.

Shari made my day. She also sent me this photo. I have no recollection of where or when this photo was taken. More so, I can’t believe I went out in public with those pants!


Hi Scott,

You were my drum teacher when I was 12 years old.

My mom had to break the news to me that you were touring with [musician] Honest Tom Pomposello and could not be my drum teacher anymore. I got a new teacher.., an old timer. He taught all the kids at school…

Nice guy, but he was no Scott fish who taught me my first rudiment, my very first drum beat, as we rock to Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice.”

It was your passion for the drums that put a fire inside me. 45 years later I still have the fire.

So I say to my mentor and teacher: ”Keep playing.”


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