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A Unique Look at Buddy Rich’s Drumset

SKF NOTE: Eames Drumshell Company founder, Joe MacSweeney, gives us a unique insight into Buddy Rich‘s drumset. Mr. MacSweeney collected and refurbished 1940-44 vintage Slingerland Radio King drums, using them to create a five-piece set, with original hardware and calfskin … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa Arranges Slingerland Endorsement

SKF NOTE: Gene Krupa‘s kindness to Frankie Dunlop early in Frankie’s career is covered in my blog post, Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa’s Kindness to an Upcoming Drummer. In this audio excerpt you can hear Frankie telling the whole story. Frankie was … Continue reading

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Derek Hess: Rossington Collins Band 1981

SKF NOTE: Well, what do you know? Reading this morning through transcripts of my two interviews with Rossington Collins Band drummer Derek Hess, I also find out the band’s September 5, 1981 concert at Garden State Arts Center is now … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: We Never Rehearsed with Monk

SKF NOTE: A snippet from my 1983-84 interview with Frankie Dunlop. What’s missing here is the sound of Frankie’s voice. He was an amazing impersonator. When he was quoting Thelonious Monk here, he became Thelonious Monk in speech and manner. Very … Continue reading

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Gene Krupa Looks at Today’s Drummers (1958)

SKF NOTE: One more insightful, brief Down Beat interview. This one by the magazine’s East Coast Editor Dom Cerulli with Gene Krupa for the March 20, 1958 issue. In my lifetime I acquired two large stacks of old Down Beat … Continue reading

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