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Artimus Pyle: Drumming with Awareness of Space

SKF NOTE: The three voices on this excerpt are Artimus Pyle, Paul T. Riddle, and Scott K Fish. We three were conducting an interview with Artimus which was published in Modern Drummer. As mentioned in my first post about this … Continue reading

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Audio: Artimus Pyle – Where My Style Comes From (1982)

SKF NOTE: I don’t have much to add to my written introduction to Artimus Pyle’s Modern Drummer interview in April 1983 – which is available here. Paul T. Riddle as co-interviewer was great. His friendship and history with Artimus were … Continue reading

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Artimus Pyle: My Role As a Drummer (1982)

SKF NOTE: June 23, 1982. Artimus Pyle, no longer with Lynyrd Skynyrd, was on tour fronting his own Artimus Pyle Band. Our mutual friend, Paul T. Riddle, arranged for an afternoon meeting where we all sat, talked, and taped our conversation. … Continue reading

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Paul T. Riddle and Max Weinberg: Don’t Get Lazy, Keep Learning

SKF NOTE: My full three-way exchange with drummers Max Weinberg and Paul T. Riddle remains unpublished. In the early 1980s, Max and I were collaborating on a drum book. This interview was done for Max’s book. Part way into that … Continue reading

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Marshall Tucker Band: Merry Christmas 1981

SKF NOTE: From among my yards of drum memorabilia. A Christmas card from the Marshall Tucker Band with my very good friend, Paul T. Riddle. — end —

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Paul T. Riddle: I Think About Us Playing Live

SKF NOTE: A nice news story on The Marshall Tucker Band. Drummer Paul T. Riddle does a great job, in a short period of time, sharing stories about what made the MTB work. For more information about Paul T. and … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Interview: Paul T. Riddle

SKF NOTE: Paul T. Riddle (aka “P.T.”) was my first interview as Modern Drummer‘s Managing Editor. We conducted the bulk of this interview in his hotel room in New Jersey. The Marshall Tucker Band was playing at what was then the … Continue reading

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