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Robert Plant: ‘Black Dog’ Was a Trick, a Game

J.D. Considine: …I’ve always found it funny that the heaviest Zeppelin song, Black Dog, was also, and perhaps by no small coincidence, the one that always screwed up the garage bands, that they couldn’t get. Robert Plant: That’s right, because … Continue reading

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Carmine Appice ‘Taught’ John Bonham to Play Drums?

SKF NOTE: Okay. It’s none of my business. Still, I cringed when I read what Carmine Appice’s book publisher wrote about Carmine and John Bonham. Fair enough to say Bonham was influenced by Carmine, but… CARMINE APPICE’s Memoir, ‘Stick It!: … Continue reading

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John Bonham Paiste Profile 1975

SKF NOTE: As long as I’m on a Bonham roll (no pun intended), here’s John Bonham‘s Profile from Paiste‘s 1975 Profiles of International Drummers, Percussionists, Musicians #2.

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Karen Carpenter Award Upsets John Bonham

SKF NOTE: Flipping through this 35-year old magazine yesterday, I stopped to read something in a news article I had underscored in red ink said by John Bonham. It had me laughing, so I decided to share it. “I’d like … Continue reading

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John Bonham: There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

SKF Note: Excerpt from a 1988 interview with 21-year old Jason Bonham. Jason Bonham: There’s a great story. You must print this. It’s fantastic. They had this huge, huge rubber plant in the Abba Studios in Stockholm. And they set … Continue reading

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