Robert Plant: ‘Black Dog’ Was a Trick, a Game

J.D. Considine: …I’ve always found it funny that the heaviest Zeppelin song, Black Dog, was also, and perhaps by no small coincidence, the one that always screwed up the garage bands, that they couldn’t get.

Robert Plant: That’s right, because you can’t play it, yeah. Because it’s got a beat that’s a count of five over a count of four, and trips and skips and stuff like that. It was our perogative and our joy to take what people thought…. We just wanted to see people try and move to it, and then miss the beat. And then still call it heavy. It was a trick, a game, and well within our capabilities to do. And it just stopped a lot of other people from doing the same thing, from copying it.

Source: Robert Plant: Life in a Lighter Led Zeppelin, by J.D. Considine, Musician December 1983


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