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Audio: Tommy Aldridge on Playing Double-Bass Drums (1982)

SKF NOTE: This cassette, from my stint as Managing Editor at Modern Drummer, seems to have been a tape I used, circa 1982, for interview follow-ups with drummers. Tommy Aldridge, James Black, Bob DiSalle, Max Roach, Carolyn Brandy, and, I … Continue reading

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Drum Pioneers: You Always Wonder Where They’d Heard That Stuff

SKF NOTE: Reading Tommy Aldridge‘s interview last week, Tommy’s thoughts about drummers who “played things I had never heard before” apply to all drum pioneers. As such, Tommy’s words are worth highlighting. “I was amazed that The Who even tried … Continue reading

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Tommy Aldridge: Modern Drummer Interview 1981

SKF NOTE: In my introduction to Tommy Aldridge’s October 1981 Modern Drummer interview I wrote, “Not a week would go by without [reader] letters asking, ‘When are you guys going to interview Tommy Aldridge?’” I connected with Tommy by phone … Continue reading

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Tommy Aldridge Sonor Ad 1976

SKF NOTE: These days Tommy Aldridge is endorsing Yamaha. I interviewed Tommy for Modern Drummer when he was with Ozzy Osbourne. A very nice guy. Tommy was an intuitive player. That is, he played very, very well — by instinct. … Continue reading

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