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Newly Released Photo: Jaimoe & Butch 1982

SKF NOTE: Allman Brothers drummers Jaimoe and Butch Trucks said yes to being part of my idea to tweak Modern Drummer magazine’s Who Reads Modern Drummer? in-house ads. Noted drummers were asked to provide MD a photo and their statement … Continue reading

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Jaimoe’s Unique ‘Fish Sticks’ Photo

SKF NOTE: From my private Fish Sticks stash. Jaimoe sent me this signed snapshot mid-1980s (?). A view of Jaimoe in action with the Allman Brothers few people see. — end —

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Jaimoe: The Decision to Be a Pro Musician

SKF NOTE: This is a small piece of a longer interview that took place on April 3, 1982 after an Elvin Jones drum clinic at Professional Percussion Center in New York City. Taking part in the interview were Max Weinberg, … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Interview: James Black

SKF NOTE: My James Black interview appeared in the December 1982 Modern Drummer. The first person to get me excited about James Black’s drumming was Jaimoe. We were listening to records and Jaimoe asked me if I’d ever heard James … Continue reading

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Mississippi Welcomes Home Legendary Drummer Jaimoe

SKF NOTE: Jaimoe is wonderful guy and a unique, all-around drummer. For those who don’t know Jaimoe’s straight-ahead jazz playing, I’ve included the clip below. Jaimoe stretches out with a fun solo starting at 11:59 in the video. Mississippi welcomes … Continue reading

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