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Hal Blaine – No Parties or Memorials When I Leave the Planet

SKF NOTE: This post is on Hal Blaine’s Facebook page. Regarding funerals, memorials or celebrations, Hal said it better than we can. This is one of many emails he wrote along the same lines… and we will honor his wishes. … Continue reading

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My 12 favorite drummers are Hal Blaine

My 12 favorite drummers are Hal Blaine Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • March 16, 2019 Most of us know the sound of the 1960s. But very few of us can say we are a sound of … Continue reading

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Hal Blaine: Drum Fills Come From Within

SKF NOTE: Hal Blaine’s thoughts on drum fills. From a Hal Blaine letter written about 35-years ago. Good advice that still holds true. Fills…come from within. Somehow the [brain] puts it all together. It takes the song you’re working on, … Continue reading

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Hal Blaine’s ‘Staying In Tune’ Unplugged

SKF NOTE: Boy, finding a stack of Hal Blaine‘s replies for his Modern Drummer “Staying In Tune” column brings back memories. I’m posting one page of Hal’s replies here. From strictly an editing perspective Hal’s typed replies meant lots of work. … Continue reading

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Armin Steiner: Recording Motown in L.A.

SKF NOTE: My Carol Kaye transcript, and other of my backgrounder interviews, prompted questioning from some readers about West coast musicians recording early Motown records. Several musicians and other music industry people told me some (many?) of those Motown recordings … Continue reading

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