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Vinnie Colaiuta Yamaha Endorsement Photo (1985)

SKF NOTE: My educated guess on this Vinnie Colaiuta endorsement picture, found among my file folders, is that Yamaha sent it to me when I was gathering info for CREEM’s 1985 Drum Supplement. I was surprised and disappointed then at … Continue reading

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Is Your Musicianship Getting Better?

SKF NOTE: A once popular, now out-of-business, CREEM magazine hired me to produce American’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine‘s 1985 Drum Supplement. It was a lot of work. From acoustic and electronic drumsets (high-end and budget), to cymbals, to hardware, … Continue reading

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Bill Gibson: Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up (1985)

SKF NOTE: Huey Lewis & The News had a string of solid hit songs, still touring. Here’s a rarely seen Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up advertisement of band drummer Bill Gibson. Gibson, who played on all the band’s releases, is still a … Continue reading

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Sheila E. – The Lady Can Play (1985)

SKF NOTE: I remembered interviewing Sheila E., but where and why had escaped me. That is, until I was thumbing through my October 1985 CREEM magazine last night. Why had I even¬†kept that single copy of CREEM for 32¬†years? I … Continue reading

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Karen Carpenter Award Upsets John Bonham

SKF NOTE: Flipping through this 35-year old magazine yesterday, I stopped to read something in a news article I had underscored in red ink said by John Bonham. It had me laughing, so I decided to share it. “I’d like … Continue reading

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