Sheila E. – The Lady Can Play (1985)


SKF NOTE: I remembered interviewing Sheila E., but where and why had escaped me. That is, until I was thumbing through my October 1985 CREEM magazine last night. Why had I even kept that single copy of CREEM for 32 years? I couldn’t imagine.

Well, it includes my Shiela E. profile. And it also includes CREEM‘s 1985 Drum Supplement – on which I will post and comment another time. For the moment, I’ll just say, now I know why I saved this issue of CREEM: Shiela E. and the ’85 Drum Supplement. Of the two, Shiela E. is the positive memory. The Drum Supplement is a lesson learned.

850010_creem_scottkfish_coverAs a side note – the vertical blue ballpoint pen markings are a pre-computer word count. The 800 written in the lower right corner of the magazine page is the total word count for the Shiela E. profile. When magazine’s paid me X amount per published word, I would count the words, make a vertical mark every 100 words, total the vertical marks, multiply by 100 — and that’s the published word count I used on my invoice to magazines. Without the vertical marks it was easy to lose track and have to start again counting words from the beginning.

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