Joe Morello on Buddy Rich Part 3

SKF NOTE: Revisiting the transcript of my early 1980’s interview with Joe Morello. Joe Morello said things about Buddy Rich which were new to me. Joe’s remarks were instructive and/or funny. I am posting the remarks separately, by subject. Here Joe talks about Buddy and two drummer albums.

Joe sat through our entire interview with a pair of drumsticks, sitting near a coffee table on which he had a practice pad. The coffee table was in front of the sofa seen in the photo of Joe accompanying this post. I was seated on that sofa during the interview.

In this post, where Morello demonstrates points about Buddy Rich’s playing, he did so playing on his practice pad.

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Joe MorelloJoe Morello: …Louie [Bellson] did an album with Buddy, and Buddy did one with Gene [Krupa], and Louie did one with Gene, but nobody wants to do one with me. I don’t know why. (Smiles).

But these records like Louie vs Buddy – they get so monotonous after awhile. If you don’t mine me saying that.

As much as I respect what they’re doing, just to listen to it…. I don’t even have that album. I’ve got one of them done years ago with Max [Roach] and Buddy. And Max played very well on a couple of them and then Buddy drew him into the trap. [Joe Morello plays a fast single stroke pattern]. And, of course, Max is not equipped for that. He doesn’t play that way!

It makes drums out to be a contest. It lacks musicality. Too much of that stuff. I mean, it’s nice to have two drummers that can play together. Y’know, you express yourself, but then it gets to be The Circus. You know?

Listen, I enjoy listening to it sometimes. I would be happy to do something like that with Louie or Buddy. Technically? It wouldn’t bother me at all.


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