SKF – Goals for 2020: Doing the Work


Goals for 2020: Doing the work
Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • February 26, 2020

This year, 2020, I set personal goals. One goal is simple: keeping a list of books I read this year. The key is finding one convenient place to keep a running list, remembering to add to it as I finish reading each book.

Not having one convenient place doomed my 2019 book list. I’d finish books, put the keepers on a bookshelf, and giveaways in a box. Later I’d remember my book listing goal, try to remember what I’d read, give up, and vow to get it done “next year.”

This year I set up on my personal Facebook page an “SKF Books Read in 2020” photo album. It’s working. The six books I’ve read or finished reading this year are already listed. If I’m near a computer or my smart phone I can easily update my list.

I have another long standing goal. Achieving it is more complex than my book list, but I’m committed to reaching this goal too.

I’m a songwriter. That started back in the 1970s or earlier. I have a music publishing company, professional song demos. I’ve been in bands where songs I’ve written were part of our repertoire.

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