Drummers Mike Braun, Max Styles, Skip Meyer

SKF NOTE: Here are three more publicity photos from a stack of photos I accumulated in the early 1980s. I’m posting these primarily to add a few more drummer photos to the worldwide web. From my own research I know how tough or impossible it is to find photos of drummers who appear on recorded music, or who were never recorded but are the stuff of legend.

Looking today, Feb. 20, 2020, for background information on some of these bands and drummers takes time. I confess I am unfamiliar with all of these bands and drummers, but that’s not a reflection on the bands, the drummers, or their music.

Drummer Mike Braun is standing, arms crossed, front right in this Tycoon publicity photo. I found some more information on Mike Braun on Wikipedia, Linkedin, and at Yamaha Drums.

Max Styles, drummer with The Kings, is standing in the back right in this photo. The band has an interesting documentary online called, The Kings: Anatomy of a One-Hit Wonder.

Shoes drummer Skip Meyer, who died in 2014, left both a video and audio legacy of his drumming.


The Kings


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