Elvin – Friendship Made the Coltrane Quartet Special


SKF NOTE: I love Elvin Jones’s explanation of what made the Coltrane rhythm section special. And the photo here is from the booklet included with the recent Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album.

“What made the Coltrane rhythm section different from a myriad of other bands playing in New York City in the beginning of the 1960s? We were all good friends. We would probably have been good friends if we had met under other circumstances. It was one of those things where you meet a person and feel like you’ve known him all your life. It was that kind of instant love for each other.

“When you are associating with someone on a professional basis, [and] if you are friends, so much the better. It eliminates a lot of unnecessary bullshit, so you can go directly to the heart of the matter — which in this case was the music.

“Time doesn’t change. There is nothing new about timekeeping, it’s just that some people can keep time better than others. Some people are more sensitive to rhythmic pulses, and the more sensitive you are, the more you can utilize the subtleties of timekeeping.”

Source: Elvin Jones, Down Beat, December 15, 1977

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