Remembering Paul Motian: Songs and Drumming

SKF NOTE: Last week and this week I am putting together audio excerpts for posting from my interview with Paul Motian, published in the April-May 1980 Modern Drummer.

The first I remember hearing, and being drawn to Paul Motian’s drumming was through Motian’s beautiful song, Victoria, on his 1974 Tribute album (ECM). Guitarist Sam Brown and saxophonist Carlos Ward interpret the melody so well. And I was intrigued by Motian’s unique accompaniment, far removed from any other jazz drummer I knew.

As is my music listening habit, I bought Motian’s two other ECM releases: Conception Vessel and Dance. Searching for other Motian records, I noticed his name on Keith Jarrett‘s Byeablue album. The title song is a Motian composition. Again, I was drawn to that song as much as I was drawn to Motian’s playing on that track.

I am looking forward to re-listening to my Paul Motian interview almost 40-years later.

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