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Ed Thigpen Blindfold Test 1959

SKF NOTE: Interesting comments from one of the great drummers, Ed Thigpen, on Art Blakey, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Buddy Rich and others. This article is from the 10/29/1959 Down Beat.

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Frankie Dunlop: We Never Rehearsed with Monk

SKF NOTE: A snippet from my 1983-84 interview with Frankie Dunlop. What’s missing here is the sound of Frankie’s voice. He was an amazing impersonator. When he was quoting Thelonious Monk here, he became Thelonious Monk in speech and manner. Very … Continue reading

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Alan Dawson on Drum Endorsements

SKF NOTE: This interview circa 1986-87 is from my sit down with Alan Dawson in his Massachusetts home for Modern Drummer‘s 10th Anniversary issue. I was freelance writing again for MD. Some of what Alan says about drums he endorsed was … Continue reading

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Beatles Songs Will Start Streaming on Christmas Eve 

Starting Christmas Eve, all of the Beatles’ music, from 1963’s “Please Please Me” to 1970’s “Let It Be,” will be available on nine different streaming services. The streaming services that will carry the Beatles’ tunes are as follows: Apple Music, … Continue reading

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Neil Peart: Keep Those Dreams Alive

“[T]here are so many small towns across American that are still dying…. The decline of these small towns, sadly, is measured in the death of dreams — every time I see a shuttered restaurant, a boarded-up gas station, or an … Continue reading

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