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Ringo Starr – How Ringo’s Band Members Got the Gig

SKF NOTE: A brief exchange between Mitch Albom and Ringo Starr from WVOM-FM 103.9 on June 27, 1998. Ringo was promoting his new album, Vertical Man. Mitch asked how the musicians in Ringo’s band got the gig. That’s followed by … Continue reading

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Was Ringo a Fan of Keith Moon’s Playing? No, But…

Ringo on heroes, style, his son and, uh, drums Chris Varias, Enquirer contributor 11:48 a.m. EDT June 17, 2016 Q: You mentioned Keith Moon. Were you a fan of his playing? A: No (laughs). He was one of my best … Continue reading

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Jimmy Webb: Retiring Ringo’s ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Drumset

SKF NOTE: This story is from the full typed transcript of my interview with Jimmy Webb somewhere between 1980-83. I edited the interview for a short piece in Mix magazine, which the magazine editors, unfortunately, edited again, changing the entire … Continue reading

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The Day the King of Music Photographers Screamed at Me

SKF NOTE: I posted my What Makes a Music Photographer Good? on DrumForum.org, and member bbunk replied, “Whoa – Jim Marshall!!! You got to work with the king of music photographers!” To which I replied, “Someday I’ll write about, The Day … Continue reading

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Ringo’s New Book of Candid Beatles Photographs

Full Story

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Ringo: Alcoholism is ‘A Miserable Disease’

Beatle’s Ringo Starr drums up a new job WITH a personal fortune of £180 million he doesn’t need the money but the 75-year-old Beatle’s new TV ad is hardly his first commercial starring role. By DOMINIC UTTON PUBLISHED: 08:09, Thu, … Continue reading

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Ringo Starr Plays the Song

SKF NOTE: No new news here, but always nice to hear from someone who understands the core of great drumming. Ex-producer Mark Hudson still heaps praise on Ringo Starr: ‘He plays the song’ FEBRUARY 1, 2015 BY SOMETHING ELSE! Grammy-winning … Continue reading

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