Curious About ‘White Album’ Demos, Outtakes, Photos, Video

SKF NOTE: Remixes of great Sixties popular music I’ve heard are hit or miss. Having grown up listening to the original mixes, the clarity (sterility?) of some Sixties remixes kills the music’s charm. The Motown remixes are the most infamous I can name.

But from the music I’ve heard, and the back stories I’ve read, of The Beatles’ “White Album,” this looks like a winner. I still have fond memories of sitting with “that old gang of mine” in front of record players, listening many times to the original vinyl stereo albums.

Mostly I’m curious about all the music on this “White Album” Anniversary Edition never before released to the public; the Esher demo tapes, the outtakes, and the studio banter. Also, the photos and videos.

The remix engineers do a good job here explaining their work. It’s fun seeing clips of Ringo in the studio with white hand towels draped over his drumheads. They definitely added to Ringo’s sound.

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