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Jim Gordon: What Made You Want to Be a Pro Musician?

SKF NOTE: I explain how this interview came about here. This latest excerpt, except for a deleted question about the weather, and the removal of tape hum and a few tape clicks, is the beginning of my taped conversation with … Continue reading

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Fred Below: The Beatles Wouldn’t Have Been The Beatles

SKF NOTE: This interview with Fred Below took place in 1982. I dated the typed transcript March 17, 1982 — so this interview happened on or near that date. My feature interview with Fred Below was published in Modern Drummer September … Continue reading

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Clifton James: I Wanted My Own Style of Playing

SKF NOTE: If you have read any of my Modern Drummer History of Rock Drumming backgrounder interviews on this blog, you need only know that this interview with drummer Clifton James is another backgrounder interview. It, as with all the … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Bo Diddley Beat

SKF NOTE: This is an interesting chronology of the Bo Diddley beat. Missing from this article is drummer Clifton James who recorded many of Bo Diddley’s great records, and deserves credit for popularizing that beat. Bo Diddley used a canny … Continue reading

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