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Bill Bruford: Saying ‘I’m a Drummer’ is a Dangerous Privilege (1982)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt provides a look back at two views of the new LinnDrum which was brand new on the market in 1982, the year this Bill Bruford interview took place. Bill Bruford was familiar with the Linn from … Continue reading

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Bill Bruford – Using Hybrid Acoustic Simmons Drumset with King Crimson

SKF NOTE: I never met Bill Bruford in person. Our 1983 Modern Drummer interview was by phone. It was one of my rare MD interviews for which I wish I had been better prepared. Not that I was careless in … Continue reading

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Bill Bruford Releases Definitive Box Set

SKF NOTE: Bill Bruford’s IQ must be way up there. When I interviewed him by phone during a King Crimson tour, I felt as if I was driving fast at night down a winding, mountain road. One slip and it’s … Continue reading

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Bill Bruford: ‘There is No Regular Set-Up’

SKF NOTE: For me, this 1984 Simmons Drums ad captures Bill Bruford‘s pioneering drumming spirit — plus it’s a memorable photo. Always a contemporary player, with a knowledge and love of drumming history, and a fearless curiosity. Even when Bruford’s … Continue reading

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Bill Bruford: Technique? Texture and Sound Were Much More Important

SKF NOTE: More words for drummers to live by from drum pioneer Bill Bruford. Art Lange: You’ve stated elsewhere that [Jamie] Muir influenced you a lot. How, specifically? Bill Bruford: Specifically that drumming wasn’t all about thumbing through glossy magazines … Continue reading

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