Bill Bruford Releases Definitive Box Set

SKF NOTE: Bill Bruford’s IQ must be way up there. When I interviewed him by phone during a King Crimson tour, I felt as if I was driving fast at night down a winding, mountain road. One slip and it’s all over! 

Bill’s a great drummer. If you missed these Bruford albums when they were first released — here’s a great opportunity to grab them now.

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Drum Legend And ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Inductee BILL BRUFORD Releases Definitive Box Set
August 28, 2017

BRUFORD: “I wanted to play drums in a certain way and if you want to hear them played in that way you’ve got to write the song. You’ve got to control the audio environment in which your drums are going to be heard and once you’re doing that you’re into a solo career.

“Looking back, the band despatched these tricky little compositions with a smile on its face; with brio, vigor and only a handful of wrong notes. The band was over-caffeinated — short on subtlety but long on the sort of majestic stately themes with antecedents in progressive rock that set it apart from contemporaneous American outfits. We were a rock group with a jazz sensibility, rather than a jazz group with rock leanings.”

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