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Tommy Aldridge – Not the Drummer on ‘Diary of a Madman’

SKF NOTE: This cassette, from my stint as Managing Editor at Modern Drummer, seems to have been a tape I used, circa 1982, for interview follow-ups with drummers. The tape has bits and pieces of different conversations and music. Tommy … Continue reading

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Bill Maxwell – On Becoming a Grammy Winning Producer

SKF NOTE: Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Freddie Hubbard, Koinonia — Bill Maxwell’s work as drummer and producer is among the best. Bill first came to my attention through my ears in 1981. No pre-judging on my part. Introducing The Winans … Continue reading

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Philly Joe Jones with Bill Evans

SKF NOTE: A thank you to “Jazz Video Guy” Bret Primack for this new to me clip of Philly Joe Jones as a member of Bill Evans’s Trio. Instructive! The video work on Philly Joe gives us several good moments … Continue reading

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Simon Kirke – Drum Practice Routines 1983

SKF NOTE: Here’s the backstory to this Simon Kirke excerpt. In this excerpt Simon talks about his favorite drum practice routines. He also tells us he does not record with a click track, and he tends to play behind the … Continue reading

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Carole King’s Sage Advice on Performing

SKF NOTE: Reading singer/songwriter Carole King’s memoir, A Natural Woman, I am not surprised at finding several words of “keeper” advice for all musicians. Here’s Ms. King’s advice on performing in front of an audience. Performing wasn’t something to fear, … Continue reading

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Eighty-Two Year Old Drum Solo Still a Killer

SKF NOTE: In the mid-1970s I played drums for a couple of years with the Millard Cowan Trio in Davenport, IA. I remember Millard asking me then if I had ever seen Fred Astaire’s dancing/drum solo routine. I had not. … Continue reading

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Three Roy’s and a Dawson: In Concert 1971

SKF NOTE: Here’s another hour of in concert video of some top shelf musicians. The drummers are Roy Haynes with Jimmy Smith, Roy McCurdy with Cannonball Adderley, Alan Dawson with Dave Brubeck, and Roy Brooks with Charlie Mingus.

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