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Johnny Vidacovich LP – Like a Scent of Magnolia Blossoms

SKF NOTE: Last week I bought and listened to Johnny Vidacovich‘s ‘Bout Time album. What a joy, a treat. Vidacovich is another drummer I’ve known about for 40 years or so, but outside of the occasional song video, or article … Continue reading

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In Absentia – Happy Fathers Day Chet Fish, Jr

SKF NOTE: Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Chet Fish, Jr. Dad was a magazine and book editor. Among his five children I’m the only one who followed somewhat his career path. Last year my dad died. My brothers and … Continue reading

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Neil Peart’s ‘Showdown’ with Five Different Drumsets 1986

SKF NOTE: I received a letter on April 22, 1986 which Neil Peart wrote using an electric typewriter on April 18, 1986. Re-reading the letter today I notice Neil describes in this letter his somewhat well-known choice of a new … Continue reading

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Step-By-Step – Alvin Stoller’s Homework Assignment

SKF NOTE: My habit is to find an unfamiliar instrument or musical style and dig deep. Gene Krupa was the first drummer to make an impression. That led me to books. Who was Krupa? Where did he come from? How … Continue reading

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Joe English – Making Music with Paul McCartney Pt. 2

SKF NOTE: Here‘s the first part of this exchange. SKF: You had thirteen cents in your pocket when you got the call from McCartney. You were with Wings for three years making a six-figure income. And yet you’ve said that … Continue reading

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