High Marks for Wicket’s Period Drumming

SKF NOTE: This video grabbed my attention two days ago. I was unfamiliar with drummer Alan “Sticky” Wicket. But his period suit, drumset, and his swinging primarily on the snare drum is fun and instructive.

This is the style of drumming Gene Krupa was using on “China Boy,” when I first heard him and got hooked on drums.

After some digging online I learned Mr. Wicket is a well-regarded British jazz drummer. Turns out, he has a bunch of YouTube videos where he plays beautiful vintage drum sets, and talks about and demonstrates, how drummers played on the vintage drumsets in their heyday.

The drum sets are great to look at and hear. So is Wicket’s drumming.

Wicket has a Facebook page highlighting his big swing band. The last post is dated April 2022, and the Facebook link to his big swing band website is broken. I wish I had better info on his current status.

Wicket videos appear on the “Next Level Chops” YouTube page.

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