Peart – Transitions Are the Weakness of Many a Drummer

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SKF NOTE: One more of my favorite interview moments of Neil Peart explaining his drumming.

Neil Peart: Transitions are much overlooked. But they’re the weakness of many a drummer. He can lay down a nice feel and move to another feel. But the points in between , and bridging the transition between two interpretations of the rhythm, is where a lot of people fall down. It’s still the thing on which I spend the most focus.

When I’m rehearsing our songs with the click track I reverse our roles. As I’m playing a fill I’ll keep track, in another part of my mind, of how my fill affects the click track.

When I play the song without the click, I’m already conscious of the interrelation of metronome to rhythm and flow. Bridging those transitions as smoothly as possible becomes a thing of great moment too.

Then, from a listening layman’s, or [a] beginning drummer’s, point of view it’s: “Now that’s not hard. I could play that.”

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