Ringo Offers to Heal Max Weinberg’s Old Beatles Wound

SKF NOTE: In the Long Island, NY newspaper, Newsday, I have a 1986 review of Max Weinberg’s appearance at the Manhattan nightclub, The Bottom Line. The event is described as: “Max Weinberg, ‘Growing Up On E Street.’ An evening of anecdotes and chatter, a couple of videos and some hard drumming from the anchor of Bruce Springsteen’s band.”

The show reviewer shared this story Max told about Ringo Starr.


It seems that in early 1965, [Max] Weinberg bought two tickets for the Beatles’ August appearance at Shea Stadium. “I gave the tickets to my girlfriend for safekeeping,” Weinberg said. “That day before the show, she broke up with e and took another guy.”

Weinberg winced. The audience sighed. “When I told this to Ringo, he said, “Max, want me to give her a call?”

Source: “Drumming Up a Night With Mighty Max,” by Stephen Williams, Newsday, Nov. 26, 1986.

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