Gifts from Unknown Drummers

SKF NOTE: Yesterday I bought Wes Montgomery’s “One Night in Indy” MP3 album. The personnel on the Resonance label album are: Wes Montgomery – bandleader, guitar, Eddie Higgins – piano, Walter Perkins – drum.

It was the date’s “unknown musician” on double bass that got me thinking — again — about all the fantastic “unknown drummers” on radio and various public sound systems who’ve improved my life.

Don’t we all have moments where a drummer grabs our attention — and we have no idea who it is?

History is full of notable drummers on records destined to forever remain anonymous. Once I had grandiose plans to right that wrong to the best of my ability. I would track down personnel on as many records as possible — especially old R&B records. But it seems a project too huge, too expensive, for one person.

Fans on the internet, I suppose, are filling adding to the history books on forums and blogs and such. Maybe that’s the solution.

But I wanted to to tip my hat and say thank you to all the unknown drummers for their never ending grooves, fills, shuffles, swing, backbeats, and their magical drum/cymbal sounds.

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