Neil Peart – My Writing Apprenticeship

SKF NOTE: Neil Peart is perhaps as respected as writer — lyrics and books — as much as he is respected as a drummer.

Six or seven years ago, while packing all my “things” to move out of the house I’d been in for almost 30 years, I found on a bookshelf these five books Neil sent me at the time he self-published each book.

While unpacking these books in my new home I wondered if Neil still had copies for himself. I treasure these books, but if Neil didn’t have copies, I was going to offer to send these to him for the Neil Peart Presidential Library.

I took and emailed the book cover photos posted here along with a short note.

Neil’s reply, sent the next day, is posted below mine.


Scott K Fish
Mar 8, 2014, 4:53 PM
to Neil

howdy – sorting through a lifetime of books today. recognize these? / skf


Neil Peart
Mar 9, 2014, 2:24 PM
to me

Yes indeedy — my apprenticeship!

I have said many times how glad I am that in prose writing I was able to have that learning period BEFORE I started publishing — and wished I could have had that in music.

I would have started Rush’s history around, say, our sixth album!

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