Simon Kirke – Double Drumming with John Bonham

SKF NOTE: In this second interview excerpt with Simon Kirke, recorded on August 3, 1983, I ask Mr. Kirke if he and John Bonham ever compared notes about drumming and/or drum recording.

Kirke was playing drums in a new band, Wildlife, at the time of this interview. Wildlife, and Kirke’s band, Bad Company, before it, were on Led Zeppelin’s “Swan Song” record label. That John Bonham and Simon Kirke might have been together during a Zeppelin recording session seemed possible.

“John and I were great friends,” said Simon, but never together while recording. Simon does relate a story of the two drummers playing together, using two drumsets, on “Whole Lotta Love” during a Berlin Led Zeppelin concert.

“[It was] about the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Kirke, who shares other memories of Bonham, plus of Bad Company recording their first album.

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