Simon Kirke – Bad Company Drum Recording Studio Setup

SKF NOTE: Simon Kirke‘s excerpt is from a longer conversation we taped. I had forgotten about it until I came across it digitizing my work tapes.

It’s clear from this tape that freelance writer Simon Goodwin had previously interviewed Kirke for Modern Drummer. So why was I interviewing Kirke? I don’t know for sure, but I will give you three educated guesses.

1. One or more MD editors wanted to ask Kirke questions not included in Mr. Goodwin’s interview.

2. One or more MD editors wanted to expand on Kirke’s answers to one or more of Goodwin’s questions.

3. I was gathering info for a Kirke updater in advance of his upcoming tour with the band Wildlife, and that conversation simply rolled into a Q&A on other topics.

Whatever the reason(s), here’s Simon Kirke, on August 3, 1983 (or thereabouts) detailing the drumset and recording techniques he used on Bad Company’s albums. I had the impression from Goodwin’s interview that Kirke – a Ludwig Drum endorser – used a Gretsch drumset in the studio. Simon says, “No.” He used a “mongrel set,” which he explains in this excerpt.

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