Neil Peart: A Musician is a Guy Who Gets Up in the Morning and Goes to Work

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story for this interview excerpt. I remember the room Neil, Claudia Fish, and I were in for this interview. But I can’t connect it to a place (New York City?) or to the published interview. I’ll keep looking. It all has to be somewhere.

Neil Peart was telling me about his goal to write when he was no longer with Rush. As long as he was committed to Rush, and as long as both he as a drummer, and Rush as a band, were improving — he’d stick with it. When he arrived at the “inevitable” time when he and Rush peaked — Neil would turn the majority of his time to writing. He was sure he couldn’t both stay as committed as he was to Rush and write.

I start this excerpt asking Neil, “Do you have things you would like to write about?”

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