Unreleased Frankie Dunlop with Monk Quartet 1963

SKF NOTE: Wow! Unreleased Monk with Frankie Dunlop on drums. Live! Thank you, Gearbox Records. I bought an MP3 copy of this last night.

Frankie, as always, plays great. His drum sound is deep, wide open. Don’t miss it.

Here’s some background on the recording. I’m assuming “saved from a skip” means a garbage can or a trash bin. Thank you in advance to anyone who can confirm or correct me.

With the original tapes recently saved from a skip, some 55 years later the recordings have now been faithfully restored, mastered and cut using Gearbox’s legendary all-analogue process (even using the exact same lathe as Blue Note did back in the day). The result reveals a window into a performance that shows Monk in his prime, just one year before he would go on to become one of only 4 jazz artists to ever appear on the front cover of TIME magazine.

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