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Roy Haynes: Still Standing Tall

SKF NOTE: Thank you Fox 5 in New York for this uplifting story on Roy Haynes. Also, thank you Shawn Martin from The Great Drummers Facebook page for bringing this video to my attention. A one-of-a-kind man and drummer. It’s … Continue reading

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Carl Palmer Gretsch Identity Crisis Ad (1979)

SKF NOTE: World class drums (Gretsch) and a world class drummer (Carl Palmer). The first time I saw this magazine ad (1979) I was puzzled. Gretsch set the advertising photo bar very, very high with the company’s 1960s black-and-white ads … Continue reading

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Joe Morello: It’s a Combination of Everything (1978)

SKF NOTE: This morning, while reading through the transcript of my March 7, 1978 talk with Joe Morello, I came across this exchange with Joe about teaching drum students. (Or, as Joe calls them, “kids.”) He was very open to … Continue reading

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Dave Weckl – Learning Different Styles as a Kid (1983)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is from my August 5, 1983 interview with Dave Weckl. Dave talks about learning different styles of drumming, starting when he was a kid, through St. Louis drum teachers, and by playing along with records. His … Continue reading

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